Book Promotional titled, "Divorce Rape".
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Children should not be victims of the family courts that involve corruption and parent alienation tactics by one parent's mission. The family court system should protect the children from such horrible methods.  

Abe C. Fathers

Book Testimonial

Mr. Fathers has contributed his tragic and yet too common separation biography and for that we are grateful. His story sets out the painful journey of too many, ‘everyman’ husbands and fathers who are unprepared in every possible way for their entry into the dark and troubling universe that is to be their future for some time, if not forever.

For many dads the end of the marriage challenges their long held values and plays havoc with their view of themselves as a good partner, a good father and a good provider. All of this comes out as Mr. Fathers relates his life as a parenting partner in an intact family and the impact of the sudden end to his family life as he understood it should be.

The strength of this book lies in Mr. Fathers’ willingness to tell it as it is through his eyes. In doing so he reveals his flaws and on occasion you want to give him a shake. Yet his weaknesses are those of every man and every woman wounded by the potential lifelong loss of their children and all that they value. He is imperfect and his imperfections are the gift of his story to all of us involved in the separation dance.

There is no Hollywood ending; no Kramer vs. Kramer or Pursuit of Happiness turnaround to brighten our day. There is only a minimum of hope - Mr. Fathers is by chance still standing and has found a new life partner and support.

Resiliency is often the most important human quality necessary to make it through this ultimate life crisis. Some people seem to have more than enough for everyone. Mr. Fathers has reminded us that resiliency is sometimes acquired only over time, in increments from the love and support of significant persons in our life.

It is revealed through Mr. Fathers when he manages to simply get up every morning and carry on in his darkest moments; it is apparent when he sees joy in life's smallest gifts. With each successive day he and all these everyman fathers are regaining their equilibrium for their continuing, uncertain travels as parents.

The contribution from Divorce Rape is in its raw biography and our personal dissection of what it teaches us.

We accompany Mr. Fathers along his dark road to nowhere and pray that at some future time, sooner than later, his and our life’s path and that of our children will again intersect …for a lifetime

—Barry Lillie-Executive Director of Kids ‘n’ Dad Shared Support 
4/27/2012 07:14:10 am

"My attention was so captivated that I read this entire book in one day!"

Thanks for sharing your story.


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